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LanguageTool in Eclipse


I was thinking about easing my work on Latex use via Eclipse plugin TexClipse.

So, the tool (Eclipse+Texclipse) is marevelous escept one thing: it lacks LanguageTool support. Thus I need to use Libre Office for writing and then pasting the job into the Latex to be sure that everything is correct. But of course, while correcting things after some time, adding new paragraphs, may times there no possibility to get bach to the Writer.

Thus I’ve come to the final question: is there any integration of the very best Language Tool into Eclipse’s spell checking system?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Best regards,

Sorry, not that I know of. If you’re interested in developing such an integration, we’re happy to help.

All right, so I’ll try to propose a solution for the Texlipse spell checking system. I’ll keep you informed.