LanguageTool instance crashes

I have a LanguageTool instance running in Kubernetes.
This is working well.
I call the instance in high and regular frequency.
However, I have the problem that it keeps crashing and restarting.
In one hour 4 times. What could be the reason for this? Has anything like this ever happened before?

I run LanguageTool as a pod and access it automatically from other pods. And the LanguageTool Pod is crashing and restarting.

Thanks for the report. What exactly do you mean by “crashes”? If there’s no stacktrace and no JVM crash, the problem might be one of the OS killing the process?

Thanks for your reply!
I recreated the issue.
I am getting following error:
“java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded”

So it seems like an memory problem on my side right?
Of course I can increase the memory but are the also ways that LT Instance needs less memory?

Not really, other than not using features (e.g. use only one language instead of many, turn off rules, …). LT isn’t optimized for low-memory usage.