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LanguageTool Node.JS wrapper (OUT NOW)

Hi guys!

In my previous post, I made a request for Node.JS wrapper for LanguageTool. Well, I didn’t get any response, so I decided to make this wrapper myself.

Well, so far it has the very basic functionality, but it’ll get new features very soon. This wrapper isn’t avalible on Github yet, but you can already get it from

So guys, let me know what you think about this idea, and what would you add/improve in the next updates.

Thank you,

Thanks! Does this rely on the public LanguageTool HTTP API? If so, I suggest you link so users are aware of the limitations.

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Yes, it does rely on HTTP API! I’ll make sure to link to that as well! Also, could you link to my wrapper in your API documentation? I’ll be glad, if you do that :smile:

Let me know when it’s on GitHub, I can link it then.

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Alright… maybe it’s time to do it :smiley: Also, I’m adding a small note about HTTP API. If you wanted me to change anything, just let me know…

There it is:

Thanks, I have linked it at - could you also add a LICENSE file to your repo?

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Sure thing, I’ll add it in a moment…
Alright, LICENSE has been added to repository!

@P0le Many thanks for your contribution. Keep up the great work!

@dnaber Since you are linking to this wrapper, I am not sure you are aware it is partially closed source, since the npm files are close source and the github repo has this:

NOTE: This wrapper utilizes request package, that is required for languagetool-api to work properly. Github repository doesn’t provide it, but package on does.

@P0le Is there a compilable wrapper, or a link to the wrapper’s source?

PS- I have seen now this:

index.js Add files via upload 25 minutes ago
package.json Add files via upload 25 minutes ago

Are those the source to the installer on npm?

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The dependency request seems to be under Apache license:

@P0le The GitHub page now mentions a BSD license, while mentions ISC?

According to what I read about ISC, it’s pretty much simillar to BSD 2-clause, with no major differences at all… I’ll change package.json to say BSD tho, just to clarify all the stuff…

index.js is main file of package, all the functions, like check() or codes() are exported from it.
Also, you don’t compile JS :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, I noticed you were making this for a Discord Bot. I made something like that a while back and you can see it [here] ( and here. I built it using their API. The code is all open sourced on my gitlab account that you can find on the second link. I actually somewhat made a library similar to this that I never publicized. If you wanted to collaborate I’d be down. My bot is currently on 800+ servers.


Currently, I’m working on slightly different, yet bigger projects, but I think I can join. You can contact me via email ( or Discord (both my nickname and avatar are the same as here).