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LanguageTool on existing web server

I would like to install language tool on my existing web server. The documentation only covers how to install language tool locally or run it as a stand-alone server.

I tried the following:

  • Install Java14 Open-JDK on my server
  • Create a new website on my server called
  • Install SSL for
  • Drop the language tool desktop version into the web root of
  • When trying to get it to run, I got an error message about port 8081 already being in use (I am guessing there is a conflict in between LT’s own web server and the actual web server it already runs on)

How do I install language tool as a normal website on my already existing server?

Is there any guide on how to safely install and run LT on an existing hosting account/ server (not a stand-alone LT server).

You can use -p 8082 to make LT use a different port.

LT doesn’t belong into the web root, it’s a service that exposes its port, but the LT files don’t need to be accessible from outside.