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we recently had problems with the LT API, which powers and the add-ons (Firefox, Chrome, Google Docs), being not very responsive and often returning errors. These issues should be fixed now and and the API should be faster and more stable than ever. If you’re interested in the technical details, please check out this issue.

Still, our server is a single server, if it crashes, and the API are down. The only viable solution seems to be to switch to Amazon AWS and run at least two machines with a load balancer in front. We’re currently on a more traditional hosting company (Host Europe) that doesn’t offer load balancing.


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Hi Daniel,

Has the new endpoint helped to also reduce the load of the server?


Probably - as mentioned above, we did several things to improve performance and I can’t tell exactly what measure helped how much. But now everything looks fine, thanks.


The reason I mention it is because in your message you say the server is a single server in Host Europe, so I wasn’t sure if the new endpoint is being used anywhere outside the Android app

It’s indeed not used yet anywhere outside the Android app (at least from my side). To use it, we’d need to set up a load balancer, but that won’t help much, as then the load balancer would be the single point of failure. Anyway, as the load issue is now solved, I think the next step is to move to a cloud platform like Amazon AWS. But that’s not urgent, and it would increase our monthly costs.