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I don’t know where to report issues (is there a BugZilla somewhere?) so here is one:

on Ubuntu 16.04 and Libreoffice 5.4.4, with LanguageTool 4.0, every time I open a Writer document, a file LanguageTool.log is created in my home directory ($HOME).

Such log file should be created in a dedicated directory (in $HOME/.config/libreoffice, or in $HOME/.cache or in /tmp or somethink like) but not in the home directory.

With LanguageTool 3.0, there was no such issue.

This is already fixed for the next version and in the upcoming daily build (;O=D).

OK, you’re right, the issue disappeared when using the 4.1 snapshot version.

Sorry, I was wrong: the damned file has reappeared in my home directory!
I used LanguageTool-20180109-snapshot.oxt.

That version doesn’t have the fix yet, the next version will.

The best place to report bugs is
But feel free to use the forum instead if that s too much hassle.

I can confirm that snapshot LanguageTool-20180111-snapshot.oxt fixed the bug.