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LanguageTool Plug-in for SDL Trados Studio

I follow LanguageTool for years and I think it’s very, very good tool. I decided to do something to promote it and develop verifier plug-in for SDL Trados Studio. This verifier will work same way as native, built-in Studio verifiers and will be shared within SDL AppStore as free app. LanguageTool Plugin is almost completed and should be ready for release by the end of October.
My plug-in will use LanguageTool RestAPI, but I want the users be able to use my plug-in out-of-the-box without installing a local copy of LanguageTool, at least at the first time. So I would like to host LanguageTool somewhere over the net. Could you have any document/description with sever requirements or setup process implementation which I can show hosting company or server admin?

I hope it will be not only helpful tool for translators but translators may also help to develop LanguageTool rules. Could you help me choose several impressive examples of errors detected by LT to use as sample projects for main languages: English, French, German, etc?


Hi DArek, this sounds great! Will the add-on be Open Source?

How to run your own server is documented at For testing and if you don’t mind your content is sent over the internet (although encrypted) you can also use our public server:

You can get examples from the example texts at, or browse rules all with examples at

Hey DArek, this is great news. Is your plugin working?

Hi Michał,
Plugin is almost ready. I think I will share preliminary version in next week for tests in wider group.

Best regards,

OK, I will keep my fingers crossed!

See LanguageTool Plug-in open beta for SDL Trados Studio for an update