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LanguageTool pluging for Eclipse

(Diego Schiavon) #1

I would like to use LanguageTool from within Eclipse while editing XML.

I found an Eclipse plugin here:

I cannot get it to work, and I did not want to contact Vogella Company directly: this sort of things are bet kept public, I believe.

I tried to go the p2 update path, but the repository is not working (as reported).

I tried the Maven path, but the Maven repository seems to be down as well.

I then tried the manual part, as explained on the gitHub page and on this other thread:

However, it is not really clear to me what I need to do. I:

  • moved all jar files in \lib to a different folder
  • made a jar of all files under \org
  • added the jar to the folder with the other jars.

Now what? Is there a way to get the plugin to work, and how?

Note that I am working on Windows 7. It is not my intention to develop in Java: I only want to use LanguageTool as spellchecker within Eclipse.

Thank you,

Diego Schiavon

(Daniel Naber) #2

Maybe would be a good place to send your bug report to in case you don’t get help here.

(Matthias Mailänder) #3

Let’s solve this properly this time.