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LanguageTool Premium: Way to swap active machine?

Hi All,
We would like to upgrade some machines in our business to the paid version of LanguageTool, while others which aren’t usually used for complex text / are predominantly used with unsupported software would stick to the free version.

It might happen however, that we want to temporarily upgrade one of the machines with the lesser licences for writing blog posts or such. To make this happen (I assume) one would first free a paid licence from some other machine.

It in such scenarios is expected that one forgets changing status back again, so that on at some point ends up using Premium features with more machines than licensed. LanguageTool will likely throw an alert and suggest buying another licence.

Does the tool come with a licence management, so that one can withdraw access to Premium features from any other machines remotely – to let the currently used machine run on the paid plan? Can anybody tell – or direct me to the respective section in the documentation?

Thank you!

Hi hus, the Premium for multiple users version comes with a web interface where you can add and remove users. You cannot have a user and set them to “basic”, though.

Thank you, Daniel! I assume, this access control works from anywhere in the world? So if I am in Hamburg and need to use LanguageTool Premium with the can I (totally) disable Language tool on any device in Berlin that is associated with

You can only disable a user’s premium access. Whether they use the LT basic version is still up to the users and cannot be controlled from somewhere else.

Thank you. But how exactly do you handle the following case? John works over the day in a retail environment, where people share computers. Assume a work scenario mostly with tables and ERP-software, very little long form text. There’s no separate user accounts on operating system level as this only would introduce friction. Instead – where it makes sense – separate user accounts on app level are used.

John uses one of these computer, logs into LanguageTool to write a Blog post and goes home. The next day from Home office John wants to continue writing for the Web and this time uses his own Laptop which is always logged into the paid version of LT. In the meantime however, his colleague James in the Shop has rebooted the machine, where John has forgotten to log out yesterday. This dual usage, I assume will cause a conflict.

Can John log off from all devices (from Home) and log in right after – this time only counting the present work machine? Sorry to keep you busy with this, but I didn’t find these details on your website.

Sorry, that case isn’t supported. If you forget to log out, the next person will indeed have access to your account and might mess with e.g. the personal dictionary.

We would not at all be worried, that someone else would “mess” with a paid account. Hard to imagine really breaking something :o) I just would assume, that you do not allow simultaneous usage of one paid account from more than one computer. If this is the case, I would want John to quickly fix the issue from home (by logging out other devices), without having to ring up James.

What is your recommendation for this case?

I understand your concern, but that case is simply not properly supported yet, so there’s nothing I can recommend…

Thank you for your frank reply! I’m sure we’ll get this sorted out :o)