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LanguageTool Server Switched to French

Hi, there. I am a native English speaker, and I’ve been using a local LanguageTool server installations for almost a year now and loving it. As of this morning, though, something super bizarre has happened: my LanguageTool suddenly thinks its French. I checked the GUI to make sure everything is set to “English (American)”. I have restarted my system and reloaded LanguageTool, with no change. I actually don’t have any idea what to do at this point. This tool is literally invaluable to me, so if anyone has any advice, please share. Thank you!

LanguageTool server: v5.5
ngrams: en-v20150817

Screenshots here:

Main screen – you can see it’s suddenly in French:

Options settings for the correct language:


You have checked “Automatically detect language”, so LT will detect your language. Just type in English and it will be detected (you might need to type more than 2-3 words).