LanguageTool Trados Studio Plugin

I’m having some issues with this plugin’s connection to the LanguageTool Premium server. I have inserted the Username, Password and API key. Should be only the Username and API Key, but now I’m not able to remover the password. I have unstalled the plugin, Trados and deleted any folder I could find related to LT, but when I reinstall anew, it shows up filled-out (username, password and plugin), and I get an error and am not able to connect.

Anyone know how I can delete the password permanently?
Maybe @DArek?

The 4.x.x.x version of the plugin has been available for several months, where the API key is used by default as a much more secure option.

If you have problems downloading newer versions due to a non-functioning RWS (fSDL) appstore, let me know.

Credentials are stored in Credential Manager as Windows Credentials (