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LanguageTool vs Antidote


I’ve settled on Emacs as my editor for all the writings (blog posts, articles, slide presentations, note-taking, books…) using org-mode markup and I’m running Debian (sid) with Xfce environment…looking for adequate language tool to help me in my writing, considering I’m not native.

After looking at many tools, my set has shrunk to Antidote & LanguageTool.

Some of Antidote’s pros are native Linux version and add-on for Thunderbird which I’m using for email which is, afaict, not available for LanguageTool.

Otoh, it seems that LT does have better support/integration for Emacs without the need to export to/from LibreOffice, as well as being open-source. :slight_smile:

Now, I’d like to hear from someone experienced with both tools how do they compare in regard to the quality of work itself - both for spell checking and styling? Of course, I’m thinking about Antidote’s desktop version vs LanguageTool’s Premiun subscription?