LanguageTool within LibreOffice doesn't work (Linux)

I have installed Java runtime (17.0.8), set up the LanguageTool credentials in Tools → Options → Language Settings → LanguageTool Server, and made sure that LanguageTool is enabled for English in my settings, but the underlines under grammar errors aren’t shown.

I’m using LibreOffice 50(Build:2)

Hi Kuba, have you tried following this doc? How To Enable LanguageTool on LibreOffice | Step by Step | LanguageTool Insights - the screenshots there look a bit different.

Thanks for the quick response!

What I had missed from that article is that I should’ve set a different API URL. I changed it to in LibreOffice settings and it now works. I had to also disable the built-in offline Hunspell spellchecker.

Works like a charm now!