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LanguageTools don't recognize my text is in french

So I’m using languagetools to correct my text in french via my browser brave

  • my Windows 10 and browser (brave) is in english
  • the webapp a use is configured in french
  • my text is in french

and languagetools reconize it as English and discover error almost everywhere.\

How I could change that ?

Hi, have you set French as one of your languages as described here? A wrong language is detected (e.g. English when I write Dutch) : LanguageTool

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French is defined as one of my favourite language and as my monther tongue

I just installed Firefox in French, and setup up LanguageTools, which the process was in French, I think it detected the language of my browser, but when I go to the same note in my Nextcloud, which use .md (Markdown), LanguageTools have the same behaviour.

I see there’s also English text in your screenshot (“Take note of your ideas”). LT can get confused if there’s more than one language per text. We’re working on a fix for that, but it will still take some time.

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Yes I’m translating it.