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LanuageTool in LibreOffice has never worked for me

My working environments for LanguageTool 3.8 are 64-bit Windows 7 Pro SP1 with Java Version 8 Update 144 and LibreOffice 5.3.4
… and …
64-bit Linux Mint 18.2 with openjdk-8-jre and LibreOffice 5.1.6.

I have never in years of trying been able to get LanguageTool working in LibreOffice. To test my installation, I navigated to and copied the sample text on display there and pasted it into LibreOffice text documents. I highlighted the text and opened the menu item Tools > LanguageTools > Check Text. Nothing happens but a plain-vanilla LibreOffice spell check. The grammar issues called out on your website are not highlighted in LibreOffice. I get the same absence of results in both Windows and Linux. In short, I have no evidence that the extension is functioning at all.

Since I have no screen shots, I don’t even know what it is supposed to look like when it does its job.

My wife desperately wants a grammar checker and is angry with me for not providing her one, and I am at a loss. [I see that the Firefox extension deals with the indicated errors in your sample text, but I don’t have so much as a picture of what is supposed to happen in LibreOffice.]

What am I doing wrong?

This is how it looks like for me, i.e. you get blue underlines additionally to red ones:

Have you checked the items listed at

Try this:

LibreOffice comes with its own integrated grammar checker (LightProof) which disables LanguageTool for English and Russian. Use Options -> Language Settings -> Writing aids -> Edit… to disable LightProof and enable LanguageTool for the language you are working with to make LanguageTool work.

from the link that Daniel provided.
I am also on Mint 18.2 and this is the only thing you have to do.

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Thank you both for your speedy replies; I am not accustomed to such good service.

In Windows and Linux I disabled LightProof and went to Tools > Options > Language Settings > Writing Aids > EDIT… to enable LanguageTool for English. LanguageTool is functioning in both operating systems now.

I did not see the notice “Please see our checklist if you experience problems.” because, frankly, I cannot read a font that small. I would suggest making that line larger. Better yet, at the top of after “Development” you could add “Support” and link to the issues page there. That would have saved me from bothering you on the forum. Again, many thanks.

P.S. I tested the phrase, “Those two is very nice.”, but this phrase is not marked up. I hope someone with a knowledge of rule writing will look into this. I also hope that sometime soon LanguageTool will work with LibreOffice documents containing revisions; this seems like a pretty big deal. (It appears that no one at LO cares.)

Fixed ( The correction will be in tonight’s snapshot.