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Large update of German part-of-speech dictionary

Hi, I’ve just committed a huge update of the German part-of-speech dictionary. Many new readings have been added, mostly by our partner I’ve also taken the contents of de/added.txt and merged it into the binary file, so added.txt is smaller again.

Some of the new readings in the POS dictionary might cause new false alarms. This can happen when a word has several readings, but only one was added. Example: “bleich” is both an adjective as well as the imperative form of “bleichen”.

Please let me know if you think any issues or false alarms are caused by this. The new version will probably go online tonight.

Wann ist dieses Update online, sodass ich es testen kann?
Ein Puls Request wartet schließlich. Zurzeit hat das LanguageTool für dieses Wort keine Token.

Grüße Dallun511

Danke für die Erinnerung, “recherchieren” ist jetzt eingebaut.

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