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Library underlining - LanguageTool Linux Installation

Hey There,

  1. you are doing great job, thank you for your work

  2. how on Linux,
    while having LO installed, make that underlining of chosen language works?

a )
is what i need
b ) Language User Interface is downloaded
c ) ‘sudo apt-get install libreoffice-java-common’ tells that it is already downloaded

but still - when im misspelling a word in chosen language, there is no underlining

what may be important

  • when im doing
    Tools -> AutoText (CTRL+F3)
    i’ve got and error

Inadmissible path.

file:///home/zet/.config/libreoffice/4/user/autotext does not exist

LT doesn’t check misspelling in LO, as LO has its own spell checker. You can use this document to see if LT works: - if it doesn’t, please see