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LibreOffice 6.4.5 not cheking grammar LT 5.0.1

I have installed LanguageTool 5.0.1 on OpenOffice 4.1.7 (x32 bits) and LibreOffice 6.4.5 (x64 bits), under Java 8.261 (x32 and x64 bits) in Windows 7 Home Premium x64 bits. I have been working with LanguageTool since many years ago without any problem. Now, in OpenOffice yours addons is working fine, but in LibreOffice, the Languagetool-test.odt show that only the “an test” is underlined, but no the “tree”. I have disable the Lightproof grammar checker of LibreOffice but in that case no grammar check is done at all, neither LibreOffice, nor LanguageTool. I have verified the recommendations given in your web page (Java installed, configurations, etc.) but , for the moment, nothing has resolve this issue. In Spanish, LaguateTool work apparently fine in LibreOffice, but not in English.
Any idea about this problem?

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I cannot confirm this, i.e. it works for me. But LO 7.0 crashes for me (gets stuck, 100% CPU) when I try to open the LT options dialog. @Fred.Kruse Any idea?

I’m having the same problem as you.