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LibreOffice extension doesn't have a description


Several months ago I suggested for a description to be added to appear in the Extension Manager of LibreOffice.

I noticed it is still not there, so I have renamed the .oxt to .zip and gave a quick look in it.

The file description.xml points to a folder and files that do not exist:

	<src xlink:href="description/desc_en.txt" lang="en" />
	<src xlink:href="description/desc_ast.txt" lang="ast" />
	<src xlink:href="description/desc_be.txt" lang="be" />
	<src xlink:href="description/desc_br.txt" lang="br" />
	<src xlink:href="description/desc_ca.txt" lang="ca" />
	<src xlink:href="description/desc_da.txt" lang="da" />
	<src xlink:href="description/desc_de.txt" lang="de" />
	<src xlink:href="description/desc_el.txt" lang="el" />
	<src xlink:href="description/desc_eo.txt" lang="eo" />
	<src xlink:href="description/desc_es.txt" lang="es" />
	<src xlink:href="description/desc_fr.txt" lang="fr" />
	<src xlink:href="description/desc_gl.txt" lang="gl" />
	<src xlink:href="description/desc_is.txt" lang="is" />
	<src xlink:href="description/desc_pl.txt" lang="pl" />
	<src xlink:href="description/desc_pt.txt" lang="pt" />
	<src xlink:href="description/desc_sk.txt" lang="sk" />
	<src xlink:href="description/desc_sl.txt" lang="sl" />
	<src xlink:href="description/desc_sr.txt" lang="sr" />
	<src xlink:href="description/desc_ta.txt" lang="ta" />
	<src xlink:href="description/desc_ru.txt" lang="ru" />
	<src xlink:href="description/desc_uk.txt" lang="uk" />
	<src xlink:href="description/desc_zh-CN.txt" lang="zh-CN" />
	<src xlink:href="description/desc_zh-TW.txt" lang="zh-TW" />

So, I created a “description” folder and tested with an English and Portuguese file and after installing in LO it finally had a description.

Could each language maintainer create the file for it? It is easy: just open the LanguageTool site in your language and copy the two lines at the top and add a period at the end of each line.

See the attached files for EN and PT.

Thanks! (475 Bytes)

Should this not be somewhere in a resources or translation file? Since I do not maintain anything in the variety of plug-ins, I would not know where to do this, even though you tried to explain.

If you would want to add it, this might be the lines for Dutch:

Grammatica- stijl- en spellingcontrole.
LanguageTool controleert tekst in meer dan 20 talen.

I believe this has to be done by @dnaber or someone who knows how to make it available in the nightlies.

I’m not sure, these files already exist in git? - so is the problem that the description isn’t used even though it exists?


I looked inside the .oxt after renaming it to .zip and the folder is missing.

I have manually added it to the .oxt and added EN and PT and reinstalled on LibreOffice and it showed in the Extension Manager.

Should be fixed now (


I don’t want to sound annoying, but the description written in the Extension Manager is terrible (I saw it in the nightly).

I was wondering if you could replace it with the two lines that appear at the top of LT’s site for each language with a period at the end:

Grammar, Style and Spell Checker.
LanguageTool checks your writing in more than 20 languages.

Thank you!

Feel free to make that change.

I will try to do it on Monday as I will be working on the weekend.


I have replaced the text:

But only for a few languages.

Other maintainers, please do the same for your languages.

Thank you!