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LibreOffice extension issues - 2020-01-27


This happens with at least the last two dailies.

When I right-click on a word it doesn’t show suggestions, but it works with some words and not with others.

I am using LibreOffice


PS-> I had the same issues years ago or so.

See the attached video.


The embedded video seemed to work when I uploaded it and now shows blank, so I uploaded a new one with last night’s .oxt:

Here is the .odt: (6.9 KB)


I don’t think this can be an LT issue, we have no code to handle right click.


We right-click in a flagged grammar problem so that is shows the LT suggestions.

For some reason, the last nightlies stopped working, at least in Portuguese… it works with some flagged expressions and not with others.

With the latest official .oxt it seems to work, at least in mum’s laptop when I was updating her LibreOffice to and install the 4.8 oxt.