LibreOffice extension: Unrecognized language causes a too wide error message box

Originally reported on 159643 – Too wide error message box for long error message

When I opened this file (a template from the Spanish government):

with LibreOffice Writer installed on an updated Arch Linux 64 bit and with libreoffice-extension-languagetool 6.3.1-2 installed from here:

I got a very wide, in horizontal, error message box, which included the full error message from LanguageTool.
Check out the screenshot taken on a two-displays setup.

I would have expected that the error message box was limited in size, and that the content was cropped or divided over more rows.

Expected Results:
The error message was contained in a single screen and the OK was visible without need of moving the message box.

Actual Results:
An extra wide error message is displayed, where neither the X nor the OK buttons are visible (one can move the window to the left until when they become visible, but this is unexpected and inconvenient).