Libreoffice LanguageTool custom dictionaries

I have searched for a few days now, and nowhere is it clear, how Languagetool standalone or as extension** on libreoffice writer, interact with respect to the custom spell check dictionaries. I have all free versions of LT, on windows 10. and whithin libreoffice,

I can hack the libreoffice personal dicos, however, I would have liked to be able to upload it or share it with the stanaalone version (for on some slower machine the now huge LO, seems to struggle with background LT work (I might try the free server, but then I am not sure that the person on that computer will know that they might be asking too much of the free channel API).

Could there not be some import export between standalone (or web, they seem UI-identical) and libreoffice integated LT (or with extension).

BTW, is there any conflict having both in LO. (also, should I make anothere post of the intergrate/extension in LO UI problem: non-configurable minuscule font sizes both UI and content?)

** (I know, it has intergrated version, but I like to try all avenues, until I find something that works for me).

Well, I figured out that it uses the same dictionaries as hunspell LO would.
Is there a way to say, I have answered my own question. or maybe others might want to add more information.

One can manually add words to the file, respecting the header already there, and one session of LO, perhaps needing to add a new term (I don’t recall), will have it sorted appropriately.

I assume that using the extension, and erasing server address, will have the extension take over as the LT of service on the opened documents. if not, let me know. That is w.r.t. possible double activity from integrated to extension.

I realise I should have made modulary questions. This might be new to me (or will always be, online text communication in general… in technical contexts).