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LibreOffice plugin error. Where to report it?

LibreOffice plugin makes a mistake in the following Russian paragraph:

— Помоги советом, — сказала она, включая ролик. — Пожалуйста, просмотри и скажи, что думаешь.

It suggests a comma after the 3rd dash, then moves the comma in front of the 3rd dash, then adds another comma after the dash, then moves it before the dash too, and so on, adding more and more commas. The web version does not make this mistake. I tried updating the plugin, but it’s already at the latest version.

Thanks, maybe @yakov can have a look. The best place to report bugs is

You can try “daily build”
This error does not appear in the current daily build.

Наши ежедневные сборки расположены по адресу:

Выпуск релиза 5.0 LanguageTool запланирован на 26 июня 2020 г.

This version does not detect errors, even when I delete all commas and periods.

P.S. Is there a simple way to revert to the stable version? Other than delete the daily build and install the stable one.

Thanks for your feedback!