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I am looking to add the Java LanguageTool library to a commercial product and the LGPL license works for us. We are using maven to include the languages we need with artifactID “language-xx” and I noticed in language-en:org/languagetool/resource/en/hunspell there is a license.txt file mentioning the GNU license (which may not work). Are all of the language JARs included under the same LGPL license? Or does each language module (JAR) have it’s own licensing?

LGPL refers to the code. There may be files like dictionaries under different licenses, like GPL. For this case, however, see README_en_GB.txt.

@dnaber Thank you! I read the language specific README files and noticed that English is under the SCOWL copyright (and the modified affix file is under BSD); but what is that org.languagetool.resource.en.hunspell.license.txt file referencing?