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List of hunspell dictionaries

(Kapil) #1

I was evaluating LT’s java based spell checker service for my project. It is mentioned on your site that LT using Hunspell based dictionaries for some of the languages.
Is there a formal list of languages which uses Hunspell based dictionaries?
Is it possible to use Hunspell based dictionary even if LT has its own dictionary available for a specific language?



(Daniel Naber) #2

I think all of them use hunspell. See here in the spell check column. Some languages (German, English, maybe more) have their own extension of the hunspell dict, i.e. additional words that are accepted. That list is of high quality, so it’s better to use LT with that list than plain hunspell.

(Kapil) #3

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your reply.
If the underlying dictionary is from Hunspell, does that mean that LanguageTool is using JNA to call Hunspell API for spell checking for each such dictionary?


(Daniel Naber) #4

Yes, exactly.

(Kapil) #5

Hi Daniel,

I am bit confused now. As per this link, LanguageTool has advantage over Hunspell because it is pure java based. But now you are saying that it uses HunspellJNA for almost all of the languages.

Does it uses HunspellJNA even for English because it uses Hunspell’s English dictionaries?


(Daniel Naber) #6

That page says our goal is to be 100% pure Java, but we’re not. Some languages use the hunspell dictionaries without JNA. See the wiki page you linked for how to find out which.

(Kapil) #7

Thanks for the clarification Daniel.