List of most ignored words by users in Spanish and French

I’m the maintainer of As of September 2018 I’m storing words marked as misspellings that users ignored because they think it is spelled correctly.

It seems that especially in Spanish and French the “ignore” functionality is used more often compared to English or German.

Here are the word lists sorted by how many times the word was ignored (“Total Events”):
French: SpellBoy Ignored Words FR - Google Sheets


Many words on the lists are popular person or brand names (“ipad”, “iphone”, “whatsapp”, “facebook”, …).

I hope this helps in improving the quality of LT.

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I’ve added quite some words for Spanish, and very few for French. I will ask two office co-workers about some words I haven’t added yet.

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I don’t know about Spanish spelling rules, but in Dutch the spelling used by the manufacturers should be used, so iPad, iPhone, Whatsapp,Facebook. Unless it is used as a verb ‘to facebook, has facebooked’.
Many Dutch people don’t know about that, so they write it wrongly more than correctly. Users cannot always be used as a reference.

That’s what I did, see my commit.