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Local compilation error (no change by me)

Trying full recompile locally.
Unfortunately, the error presists.
DutPatternRuleTest ; AbstractMethodError and 'shortmessage is longer thanerrormessage

What command did you use for the full recompile? languagetool-standalone clean package did the trick.
But only after a few runs. I don understand why; because pull -r did not do anything except reporting ‘is up to date’.
Computerized magic. Of user stupidity.

It must be user stupidity (mine), since the problem keeps getting back. Only solution is to kill the entire checked out github structure and downloading it again.

mvn clean package should always work (unless the build is currently broken). If it doesn’t, please post the full error message and also the output of git status.

I deleted all of the local LT, and cloned LT again. Still the compilation error exists:

[ERROR] Errors:
[ERROR] DutchPatternRuleTest>AbstractPatternRuleTest.shortMessageIsLongerThanErrorMessage:40 » AbstractMethod
[ERROR] DutchPatternRuleTest.testRules:30->PatternRuleTest.runGrammarRulesFromXmlTest:121->PatternRuleTest.runGrammarRuleForLanguage:133->PatternRuleTest.runTestForLanguage:149 » AbstractMethod
[ERROR] Tests run: 3, Failures: 0, Errors: 2, Skipped: 0
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

This error happens when doing this:

cd languagetool-language-modules/nl
mvn test
cd …/…

The standard test routine works fine though. I will stick to that.

If you call mvn install -DskipTests once, your other command should work again.