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Looking for help with Italian translation

Hi, we’re looking for help so we can offer a full Italian translation of our browser add-on (for Firefox, for Chrome). The task is to translate the user interface, i.e. translate short phrases and sentences. It’s not a lot of work, maybe there are 2-10 short phrases and sentences per week on average.

This is not a paid job but a voluntary position - but you’ll get free access to LanguageTool Premium for yourself and two friends (worth 3*€59 per year).

If you’re interested, please contact me here via private message or send me an email to the address given at

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I think I can help. Italian is my first language. I have already had a brief experience translating an Android app into Italian:

Furthermore I’m somewhat passionate about languages.
You can read more about me on LinkedIn.

Thanks! Do you know a second person who might be willing to proofread your translations? It’s so easy to miss typos (even with LT, whose support for Italian is somewhat limited…), so we’d like to always have teams of two now.

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I have a colleague who would be ideal for this, but we’ll have to wait till Monday.

Actually my wife, Clara Gebbia, is willing to team up with me. She speaks and writes very good Italian. She has a PhD in intercultural education. Her English is above Italian average. She’s not of the technical kind like me, but that could even be an advantage.

Great, I’ll contact you via email.