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Looking for Portuguese translators

Hi, we’re still looking for English → Portuguese (Portugal or Brazil) translators for our browser add-on (Firefox, Chrome). By translating the add-on, you can help ensure that everybody gets a nicely translated add-on and not the mixup of Portuguese and English that we currently have in some cases…

This is a volunteer task that we cannot pay for with money, but 1) you get a free LanguageTool Plus account and 2) it’s not much work at all. Usually it’s just a few sentences (less than 10) to be translated per week. We’re looking for people who can translate new texts rather fast, so we can regularly release add-on versions with bug fixes.

If you’re interested, send me a personal message here or mail me at daniel.naber at-sign

I still have no time to spare on the browser add-ons, but I have looked into the chrome add-on page.
One issue you may find in finding translators for the add-on is that the name of the app itself seems to be mistranslated, at least in the pt-PT version.
Changing “Gramática e Corretor Ortográfico - LanguageTool” to a more standard “LanguageTool — Corretor Gramatical e Ortográfico” will improve LT image and may help you find a new translator faster.

Thanks, I’ve changed the translation. We have found a translator now, BTW.