LT 6.3 release date

Hello Team,

The release roadmap (Release Roadmap | tells me that the scheduled release date for LT 6.3 was Thursday 2023-09-28.

When (approximately) will LT 6.3 be released?


Sorry, we were too busy recently. We’ll try to do it in the next few days, but I cannot promise anything.


I noticed it too, but I didn’t want to annoy the developers like I did in previous releases, asking: “When will the feature freeze e-mail be sent?”

@dnaber, thank you.

I’ve now used commit 7df94ab32fe8364a27599cdd36a8984f0f5fbf49 as the starting point for 6.3. If you think there are fixes after that commit that absolutely have to make it into the release, please let me know. The plan is to publish the release on Friday or Saturday.