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LT add-in 5.0.1 Libreoffice 7.0.1 ubuntu 18.04

LT is very nice. Thank you for the excellent tool it is much appreciated.

I have found an exception though in grammar checking. Seems to keep working which is good.
FWIW I’m running with the en ngrams and the latest word2vec.

Java version is 11.0.8 Ubuntu standard on and 64. JVM has 24G Xmx.


Thanks for the report. Do you have a document to reproduce this issue? It seems your document language is set to “English”, but LT requires a locale to be specified. Could you try setting it to “English (US)”, for example?

I had changed a few settings, including rule choices and language, and the exception went away. Sorry but I’m not quite sure what part stopped the exception repeating. Not quite sure what stopped the exception but I suppose an end-user product shouldn’t interrupt with such though it is good to know something is not right.

Same issue here on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. I have OpenJDK installed even throwing this error.

Please check for “On Ubuntu” at