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LT and Checkmate Italian

(Rebecca) #1


I’m using LT with Checkmate and I have two issues,

  • Almost all the errors flagged by LT are not errors. For example in Italian we have a rule for “h” in front of “a” when it is a verb and not a preposition. LT considers all “a” with no “h” as an error, and in a file there are hundreds of them. Same thing happens for articles, verbs, gender agreement, etc. LT finds errors that are not there. Any idea why?

-To solve the above issue I tried to uncheck the rules but even if I do so, LT performs the checks anyway. I tried to disable the categories in the configuration file but it didn’t work.

Thank you in advance for your help.


(Daniel Naber) #2

Can you reproduce the problems outside of Checkmate, e.g. at If so, please submit an issue at

Disabling rules didn’t work for the server, but it has just been fixed, please see