LT and libreoffice


I’m a premium user of LT but I can’t activate the automatic correction function in Libreoffice.
I’ve followed this tutorial step by step, entering my login and token, but nothing works.

I don’t get any error messages either.
Could you please help me?


Does it work without credentials? Please send us a small test document, so we can try to reproduce the issue.

Thank you!

Hi @Ervins

Yes it works without credentials.
As a new user i can’t send a doc on the forum, sorry.

This phrase for test (works without credentials)

Je vais faire un essait pour voir si ça marchent.

But credentials works on other application (Obsidian for ex)

I notice that Obsidian config have another url for premium user

But if i change to this one, it change nothing.

Ok, i found the problem. I need to use like it explain in token access settings and not like libreoffice suggest.