LT and Wordbee (Cat Tool) Problems


LT does not work well with the Cat Tool Wordbee. It is the only context in which it does not work well for me. Basically the problem is that it only identifies errors in the first segment of Wordbee. From the second segment onwards it’s as if it doesn’t identify anything.

I have asked other translators who use wordbee and LT and in principle it works correctly for them. I don’t know what it could be. I use firefox as a browser and I have uninstalled it several times but the problem continues.

Thanks for advance!

Hi, does it work for you when you use Chrome? Do you have other browser add-ons installed which might interfere with LT?

Hi, I will try it next week, when I receive the next order. Right now I have all the projects completed and I can’t check, but in the next few days, I will comment on what happened. I have removed also two language-related add-ons that I did not use, just in case.

Hi, I tried it today in both chrome and firefox and today neither the little blue or red dot appears in the first segment indicating possible errors. The only way to be able to use LT is to select the text you want to check, right click on it and check it on a LT extern website. I have checked ad-ons and in principle I think there is nothing that could interfere. I have mostly ad-blockers from youtube, etc.

I have also disabled all ad-ons except LT and refreshed the web. Now the dot appears in the first segment of Wordbee but as usual it only corrects the first segment. From the second segment on it doesn’t work anymore, it doesn’t detect anything and the blue or red dot doesn’t appear.

I have also noticed that when the blue dot appears in the first segment and you open the dropdown it only identifies the exact number of characters/words in that segment. It is as if TL has no way to leave the first segment, even though I click on other segments the little dot does not leave the first segment. When I scroll down and translate more segments, the first segment disappears from the screen and so does the blue dot. It is as if it stays in the first segment fixed.