LT deletes underlined words on certain websites

LT correctly identifies misspelled words by underlining them, but when attempting to correct them after clic,ing on the underlined word and selecting the correct word, LT deletes the incorrect word without replacing it. Only on certain websites. I am using chrome

Thanks for the report. Could you list some websites (and specific URLs) where this happens? Does it happen every time you try? is where I am most interested in using it

Do you have another example? I can’t sign up at as it requires a US-based phone number for verification.

What’s interesting is that I recently did a ‘Command - Z’ to undo LanguageTool deleting the corrected word, and once I did, it repopulated the misspelled word, but also allowed for the corrected word to be concatednated, when previously the word just dissapeared.

  1. typed in misspelled word ‘tonite’
  2. LanguageTool underlined and suggested the correct spelling ‘tonight’
  3. After selecting the correct word, the spelling ‘tonite’ was removed and not replaced by the correct spelling
  4. After executing the undo command (CMD + Z) the following populated: ‘tonitetonight’

I’m not sure if this helps at all

This also only happens on specific sites, doesn’t it? If we can find a way to reproduce this on the developer’s machine, chances are much better that this can be fixed.