LT for SDL Trados 2021 - doesn't work

Dear friends and colleagues,
I’ve installed the LT plug-in for SDL Trados 2021, having followed the instructions on the YT video.
But it doesn’t work. Nothing. Nada.
Any ideas?

You might need to contact the add-on vendor (it’s not an add-on developed by us). There’s a “support” link at, not sure if that’s active.

The video is for the old version of the plugin. Unfortunately, the RWS (fSDL) appstore has been down for some time and I have no way to edit descriptions or screenshots. The 4.x.x.x versions that are available from the RWS appstore have a Setup Wizard to download and install/unzip the latest version of the LanguageTool package and Eclipse Temurin OpenJDK JRE from Adoptium.
You can find a PDF manual with a description of the most important functions in the plugin.

If you have a premium account, you can use LanguageTool Premium without downloading the LanguageTool package and JRE.

Please let me know what exactly you are having issues with.

In thecmeantime, I bought the Premium this morning. But when I do Control + Q the DT version comes up telling me to buy Premium. :slight_smile:

Hi Darek, I have a premium account, but quite honestly I don’t know what I supposed to do with it as regards SDL 2021. Any ideas? Thanks, Paul