LT in Google Docs pageless format

With Google Docs now having a “pageless” format, when will LT support this? Currently, it only shows up if I have a regular page setup (8.5" x 11", for example).

Hi, we’re aware of the issue, but it’s difficult to support, so there’s no timeline for that.

Got it. Disappointing, but I understand. It’s unfortunate since our org is standardizing on using pageless format, so that means I can’t use LT for Google Docs anymore. :disappointed:

It would be still good to make users aware of the issue with a popup when they are in the pageless format. I tried to troubleshoot for over 30 min to find out it’s not possible and thought the extension was buggy.

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Another voice to add to orgs standardizing around pageless. It’s the way forward, we’re not printing much of this stuff anymore.

Like @Johannes I spent a not-insignificant amount of time troubleshooting before I realized it wasn’t a supported pattern.

+1 for supporting pageless, or at least having a popup warning that LT won’t work in pageless mode.

While troubleshooting (which also took me a while), I also realized that the LT Chrome extension hides the inbuilt docs spelling & grammar suggestions in pageless mode even when I disable checking on (e.g. red/blue underlines don’t show up unless I click on a misspelled word). To get the docs suggestions to show up I need to disable the LT extension in Chrome.

I haven’t tried disabling LT on any other sites, so I am uncertain if this is the intended behaviour, but if LT doesn’t work on pageless docs, it would be good if it at least let docs show its own spelling suggestions for these documents.

Hey @dnaber,

I wondered if now you had a better idea of when this would be fixed? The pageless mode in Google Docs is quite nice to use in terms of user experience, but definitely no a reason worth disabling LanguageTool.

Furthermore, would you care sharing additional details as to why this particular feature is difficult to support?


I’m happy to say that LT now works for me in pageless GDocs!

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Same. Loving it. Thanks LT team!