LT in Obsidian slightly weaker

Hello there

I have started using LT in Obsidian.
I am aware that LT does not officially support Obsidian, but through a third party plugin.

Nevertheless, I wanted to ask what could be the reason for the behaviour that LT suggests a comma in a bullet point list?

LT does not behave like this in Google Docs.

Is there anything I can do as a user to change this behaviour?

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Hi, could you share the sentence that triggers this?

I just recognized that English has totally different comma rules, and therefore my problem only exists in German.

my german words are

  • erstes Fahrrad
  • zweites Tee
  • drittes Haus

after Tee (Tea) is a comma suggested by Lt on obsidian

This probably depends on how exactly Obsidian sends the text to LT and will need to be debugged by the Obsidian developers, I guess.

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I looked at the code of the plugin and I think you are right, it could be because of how the text is formatted before it is sent to the LT API.

But I can’t find a description of how LT determines if something is a list in general or with the API.

Is there a part in the documentation about how bullet points should be formatted before sending?

Please excuse me if I have missed something obvious

Kind regards

No, this is not documented. Basically, LT doesn’t know about formatting and just expects plain text.

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