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LT influences with thunderbird internal spellchecker

I love that LT is now available in Thunderbird, but currently I have some Problems with my Installation.

When LT is enabled in TB, the internal spellchecker is also active for every new mail I write, even if it is disabled in the global settings. To really disable the internal checker, I need to toggle it off and on in the mail settings, but I need to that for every new mail, which is annoying.

My installation: TB 91.5.0 (64-bit) (Flatpak) and LB 4.4.0


It is a feature.

A feature I enjoy a lot, since if you have a different version of the speller and LanguageTool, you will still be able to fix the grammar.

For example, the British speller is only updated on LanguageTool every three months, while for Thunderbird it is monthly, so you still have access to the monthly dictionary wordlist.

Thanks for the reply,

but in my eyes, I don’t see that as a feature.
First of, I write in German and English, and therefore I cannot rely on the default language of TB. Correct me if I am wrong, but TB does not support multiple languages, and I don’t want an extra plugin for that. Because LT does a fine job with that.

Secondly, when I double toggle the TB spell it is definite turned off for that mail, and therefore maybe a confusing “feature” ;).

We have just released v5.0.6 of our Thunderbird Add-on. We believe that this issue is now resolved. Let us know if not.