LT on edge not working due to privacy policy


I’ve freshly installed LT on my new PC in the Edge browser, but it won’t work.
It says “Text can only be checked if you agree to the privacy policy”, but there is no possibility to accept it, it just takes me to the starting page when installing the plugin with no buttons or sth. like that.

(screenshot is in German btw.)

Hey Nick!

Thank you for reaching out.

Can you please upload a screenshot of the landing page with the URL displayed that you land on when clicking it? Could you potentially try accepting the privacy policy when using an incognito-window in your browser?

Actually, it worked in the incognito-window, thanks!

Though I have no clue why it didn’t in the normal one.

Do you have other add-ons running? These might be disabled in private mode, solving the problem if this is one of the rare cases where the LT add-on doesn’t work with another add-on installed.