LT on Thunderbird Beta

The addon doesn’t come up the Thunderbird webstore. On an older Thunderbird I add it manually from the file you provide. However, my main Thunderbird use is on the Beta Channel, and it says its incompatible and won’t add. Is it really incompatible? Can I override some how?

Thanks for the report. Could you try again now? I’ve increased the version in the settings so it might show up again (and it’s supposed to work).

I tried again. When I search for grammar in add-ons LT does not show up, and it shows its filtering with “works with Thunderbird 125.0”. I hadn’t notice before but there is an all Thunderbird versions button, and then it does show and does load and works!

Any thoughts of a basic+ for “edu” accounts without cost.

We offer discounts for educational institutions, please contact our premium support if you think you’re eligible for that. You can find the email address at Imprint - LanguageTool.