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I use the LT Firefox addon.

For my personal email correspondence, I use The issue that I have encountered is that the longer the emails get the less responsive becomes the writing (and editing) of email text.

I’m talking about emails that have been replied to with the original text kept below a few times, possibly containing 800+ words altogether.

Is the LT aware of this or would you need more information?

Thanks for the report. Could you let us know which version of Firefox and which version of the add-on you’re using?

FF 64.0.2 - 64 bit
LT 2.0.28 - it says “latest update 29 Jan 2019” but I encountered this issue already last week, so might be one or two minor versions before.

I can reproduce the issue, so chances are good we can find a fix (but I cannot promise anything yet).

Cool. No rush. You folks might have better insights into how and where people use LT but since is a very popular service, a substantial number of users might be affected.

@johann The latest add-on release (2.1.1) already has some optimizations, could you see if that already helps? The version is being rolled out now, if you don’t have it, you should get it automatically in the next 24 hours.

I will definitely give it a shot. Please allow for a few days of testing before I report back here on.

Thanks for the effort and for letting me know.

@dnaber I have tested the LT 2.1.1 FF add-on on - on the same Dell 9560. It seems that the cursor has become a bit more responsive when typing but overall still significantly lags behind - in between 0.5 to a bit under 2 seconds. Hence, one cannot see the actual word being typed. I would say it is not fit for purpose / productive use on at the current stage. Upon disabling the add-on the cursor behaves as responsive as one would expect.

All the best with this.

Thanks for the feedback. The next version will contain more optimizations, I cannot tell yet when it will be released, though.

No rush. It’s not that I inevitably rely on it but “yay” it would be nice if it worked.

Best of success with it.

Could you check whether the latest release (2.1.4) solves this issue?

Apologies for my super delayed reply. I have just seen your post.

The good news is that it seems resolved. The spelling checker is a bit behind when typing, maybe 2 seconds, but that is fine. In my FF the current add-on is v2.1.6.

Congrats for having fixed this. You guys rock!