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LT plugin Auto-detect language - NO longer works!

Why is there no automatic language detection in these last few versions?
Now it is a big inconvenience for me, because I have to switch every time among my checked languages:

How to change that?

There’s no change to language detection, so it should work as it used to be. Please send us feedback via the “feedback” link in the add-on (include some examples), this will provide us with more information that helps with debugging.

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English as well as Russian are working fine with me. At least, for sentences of a few words.

Maybe it’s due to something else. How to turn off the underline of each word in red in ImTranslator.
I am asking for a hint.

Screenshot DeepL

Those squiggly underlines are not by LT but by the browser’s built-in spell checker. You can turn it off in the context menu.

Thanks!!! It’s good after all.

Thanks for the reply My issue is solved now!