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LT server & LT web page in different machines

(jaumeortola) #1


I need to install a LT server in a machine and a LT web page with TinyMCE in another machine working together. Has anybody been able to do it?

It works for me only if:
— A plugin that “enables cross-origin resource-sharing” in Chrome is activated.
— The data (text & language code) is sent in the URL, not if it is sent as POST data. (This seems to be a different issue.)

I already use --public --allow-origin “*” in the server.

How can I fix this? Any idea?

(Daniel Naber) #2

That shouldn’t be needed - are you following Can you post the link to the website for debugging?

(jaumeortola) #3

Thanks. I see some changes in the atd-tinymce plugin that I wasn’t aware of. I will retry. One of the machines is local for now, so I cannot post a link.


When I was making the TinyMCE4 plugin, I noticed that jquery under some configurations does a non-simple CORS request preflight with OPTIONS before doing a GET/POST request.

Make sure that it isn’t doing an OPTIONS send, or set up a proxy in-between to handle it maybe? Or maybe just add OPTIONS support to the LT server.

(jaumeortola) #5

This configuration works flawlessly for me. The issue mentioned by KnowZero seems to be fixed here.

Thanks for the answers.