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LT standalone configuration

I don’t succeed in starting any freshly compiled stand alone LT; it protests of a configuration error, but after clicking that away, there is error output, but it never starts. So there is no way to correct the configuration. How do I reset that?

Probably by removing .languagetool.cfg in your home directory. But please keep a backup so the original issue can be debugged. What exactly is the error message?

There was no file like that. I removed the folter .Languagetool completely, but still the error was there:

Not loading ngram data, directory does not exist: /media/ruud/data1/LT/TEST/ngrams/br
Not loading word2vec data, directory does not exist: /media/ruud/data1/LT/TEST/ngrams/br
java.lang.RuntimeException: LanguageModel directory not found or is not a directory: /media/ruud/data1/LT/TEST/ngrams

Somehow, it wanted to start using Breton, but was missing the correct folder of the ngram data (which is correct, because I moved it). But after that, noting starts at all, no interface, nothing. So it is not possible to change the config!

I solved it by restoring the ngram data to the original location, clear the ngram references from the config, and then it works again.