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LtThreadPoolFactory issue with version 5.6 in Java

Hello all,

Since Yesterday we move from a 5.4 version to 5.6 version of languagetool-core, language-en and language-fr due to cve issue.

And now, each time we use the method langTool.check(*textContent*); the following log appear twice :

DEBUG - - SYSTEM - Request: remote-rule-executing-thread not found, returning default pool

Any idea how to fix that ?
On small document it is not a problem but on big document (250 Mo) it is more problematic.


Hi, this has been fixed and a recent snapshot (Index of /snapshots/) should not have this issue.


I don’t see any snapshot in your maven repository.
Is it planned to add one before your next release in 2022-03-28 ?

Thank you.