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O languagetool não reconhece a palavra maconha

Ahhhh… sorry… only now I noticed the e-mail in the thousands of e-mails in my inbox:

No worries, I’ll post here whenever I find something wrong in Portuguese. If you want feel free to let it build up before adding words in case it’s too much work.

Here’s a new one: Groenlândia corrects to Groenlandia in with PT-PT on. (Though I think Gronelândia is more common everywhere outside Brazil) But then Groenlandia is marked as incorrect.

Screenshot at 2020-09-23 16-46-12 Screenshot at 2020-09-23 16-50-40




Alvanéu/alvanel (Querem dizer a mesma coisa mas Alvanéu é usada no Alentejo)éu

Lapouço (Regional, mais do norte de Portugal) / Caçapoçoçapo

I will add them tomorrow, don’t worry.

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Should there be some rule/suggestion for the contraction of «de + uma» (duma). There doesn’t seem to be any rule for this currently. ie:
«Foi duma loja longe daqui»

Similarly, there doesn’t seem to be a rule or suggestion for contracting «de aqui» into «daqui»

These rules are there in the settings:

Regarding enaipar I have just added the entries:

Ahh, is that currently available for the plugin? I don’t think I have an equivalent to a menu like that.

Ohhhh… I believe the browser plug-in doesn’t have that options :frowning:

That makes sense, shouldn’t it be making those suggestions in the browser anyway though? I’m on firefox and it doesn’t make a suggestions for sentances with «de aqui»