macOS, safari extension, self-hosted url


Just starting to understand the way Languagetool works.

What I want to achieve:
Have a local server and point any plugin or extension at to the URL: http://localhost:8010/v2/

What I’ve done already:

What I can’t find out:
Where do I put the self-hosted URL in the macOS editor or the Safari extension ?

Thanks in advance


Safari should have this setting in the add-on’s configuration:

For the macOS editor, it’s not possible to set a server, as the server supports only text checking, but the editor needs more features (like storing a user’s text).

Thank you Daniel.

It did have the setting. I was looking at the wrong place (Safari’s Extension parameters). Also I had to disconnect first.

Thanks a lot for your fast respons.


Just for ones looking for the settings: they are in the Safari icons bar, LT icon, cog wheel (down right hand side).