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Marketplace Deployment



I am an administrator looking to deploy the Docs version of this app to my school district. We operate off of a whitelist. Currently I can’t find the Docs version in the marketplace, so I can’t whitelist and deploy it. Would it be possible for you to add it there, or bundle both versions together?

New install from Google Admin
(Daniel Naber) #2

Does the information in this thread help? New install from Google Admin


Thank you for your reply. I actually tried that just before making this post, so I’m glad to hear others had the same idea. It did not work for me though.

This is what happened when I tried to deploy it that way:

Showed up correctly in the whitelist (the “details” link went to the correct Docs version, which normally doesn’t show up in that list through a search)
Showed up correctly in the force-install list
It actually put an icon (blue arrow) within the Chromebook launcher, but it didn’t do anything.
When I opened Docs on that Chromebook, Language Tool wasn’t there.

I checked from a Chromebook, and the Chrome Browser on a Windows 7 PC as well.

(Daniel Naber) #4

It’s difficult for me to help here, as I cannot reproduce this, not having access to the Google Admin console. Can you get support from Google? I will also ping to poster of the other thread to see if there’s an update.


No problem. Basically in Google Admin they have apps divided in two ways- Webstore and Marketplace. An administrator is able to build a list for each of those by using the search function. The other add-ons we use are all listed in the marketplace, so I can search through the console and add them.

The Language tool extension is in the webstore, and I can add that just fine, however it doesn’t work with Docs. The Docs version of Language Tool isn’t in the marketplace, so I can’t search and add it. I’ll give some links here to help give you an idea of what I mean:

(Daniel Naber) #6

Indeed, it seems some extra “publishing” in the market was needed from our side ( I’ve done that now, but as it’s the first market release, it needs to be manually reviewed, so it will take a few days before it’ll hopefully be available.


Thank you for your help with this. I’ll let you know how it goes once it’s available.

(Daniel Naber) #8

Could you check if it’s available now? Google told me it should be published, but I still see it as “pending”.


I’m able to find it in the Marketplace section of Google Admin now. I will deploy it tomorrow to a test device and see how it goes.


Seems like it’s working. I was able to deploy it. Thanks again for adding it to the marketplace.