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Match = '0'?


Can someone help me check that I have understood the rule below and the explanation given

ani|ni|i|lub|albo|czy|oraz, This rule matches sequences like ani... ani, ni... ni, i... i but you don't have to write all these cases explicitly. The first match (matches are numbered from zero, so it's ) is automatically inserted into the second token.

Note that this rule will match sentences like:

Nie kupiłem ani gruszek ani jabłek. Kupię to lub to lub tamto.

1 After matching ani|ni|i|lub|albo|czy|oraz, the rule will skip on unless it comes to a comma ‘,’

2 As the rule wants to find sentences with ani…ani , the first match ‘mustn’t count’ so it is set to ‘0’

3 The rule therefore continues until it comes to a second occurence of ‘ani’ (match 1)

Is that what the rule is doing?